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(ma-sk-sir-əm), n. A lash serum combined with creamy, black mascara and fiber-infused primer yielding an instantly defined, voluminous look coupled with uncompromising lash conditioning and enhancing benefits for longer-looking lashes in 6 weeks.


Being the world’s first lash enhancing mascserum is no easy taskBut, you better be glam sure we are up to it. With years of experience, RapidLash® has helped many smize with beautiful lashes. RapidGlam™ brings instant beautification to long-term conditioning and strengthening that has become synonymous with RapidLash®. With such a unique product, we knew it didn’t fit under the “enhancing serums'' category or the “mascara” category.

So, meet the first, and only, mascserum. A perfectly balanced formula that combines equal parts mascara and primer to a proven and trusted lash serum from RapidLash®. RapidGlam™ is able to instantly glam up your lashes for an all-day defined and voluminous look, while coating them in hair-loving ingredients that condition, fortify, and enhance their appearance for a stronger, fuller and longer look in as little as 6 weeks. Once you try a mascserum, you will never go back. So, lash it up while you glam it up with RapidGlam™.

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RapidGlam™ is a deeply dark, creamy, smooth mascara that will bring a whole new defined and voluminous look to your eyes. RapidGlam™ is infused with fibers that help prime and build the formula, taking your lashes from basic to glam in fewer coats. RapidGlam™ was formulated to ensure that your lashes will be drenched in the blackest black pigment for an all-day, show-stopping look that will turn heads.

Primer + Mascara BENEFITS

Fiber-infused primer + mascara
Blackest black pigment
Thick, creamy, no clump application
Buildable for voluminous look
All day staying power
Improves appearance of lower lashes

Glam up that lash


The name RapidLash® is trusted and proven in the lash serum world. RapidGlam™ takes all the benefits from the trusted lash serum and combines them directly with a rich mascara. RapidGlam™ contains the Hexatein 7 Complex, which is similar to the Hexatein 1 Complex found within RapidLash®, ensuring that RapidGlam™ conditions, strengthens, and enhances the look of your lashes. Pro tip: duo it up with RapidGlam™ during the day and RapidLash® at night for uncompromising results that will garner the attention of your family and friends.


RapidLash® enhancing serum
Long-term enhancing benefits
Lash-loving ingredients
Helps curl lashes
All-day conditioning
Promotes longer-looking lashes

Model applying serum to lashes


RapidGlam™ may be a primer, mascara and lash enhancing serum all in one, but the application doesn’t have to be complex. Start from the base of the lashes and glide brush smoothly towards the tips of the lashes. RapidGlam™ is not just the best of both worlds, it IS both worlds combined into one mascserum.


Swipe on for a little extra color to your lashes or glam it up by adding more than one coat. Get any look from subtle to dramatic with RapidGlam™. Layer and build your way to reach that beauty queen look anytime, anywhere.


The idiom, “all good things must come to an end” doesn’t apply to RapidGlam™. It lasts. all. day. long. There is NOTHING worse than buying a mascara that doesn’t hold up. RapidGlam™ not only works all day to help enhance the look of your natural lashes, it lasts all day too. Creamy, clump-free blackest black pigment goes on smoothly with a unique brush that separates and defines individual lashes. You have a life to live. You live it, and let RapidGlam™ keep your lashes looking on point every second.

Lash nirvana



Let RapidGlam™ take your lashes to a whole new level of glam instantly. Condition, fortify and curl those incredibly natural-looking lashes. For best results, use RapidGlam™ Eyelash Enhancing Mascserum during the day and RapidLash® Eyelash Enhancing Serum at night. This unique combo helps transform the appearance of your lashes and reaches, what we call, lash nirvana, aka, a transcendent state in which there is no suffering or embarrassment because the appearance of your lashes is equal to your internal desire. How could they not when they are covered in lash loving ingredients day in and day out.


Infused with enhancing serum

RapidGlam™ is formulated with a unique Hexatein 7 Complex, that smoothly glides, coating your lashes in peptides and drenching them in lash-loving ingredients that help promote longer-looking lashes. Our enhancing serum promotes the appearance of stronger, fuller and longer-looking lashes over time.

Helps curl lashes

Ditch your lash curler and say hello to RapidGlam™. Even the most stubborn and straight eyelashes will love and hold their curl with the help of our new mascserum RapidGlam™. The Hexatein 7 Complex contains key ingredients that help to promote more lash curl ensuring a stand up performance by your lashes.

Rich & Creamy

No more clumps or flakes, ever. With RapidGlam™, get all day wear and fall in love with this incredible, buildable formula. RapidGlam™ is the only mascserum on the market that has the blackest black creamy pigment that drenches your lashes not only in color, but also conditioning ingredients that promote long-term lash appearance benefits.

Mascara during the day, serum at night

Get the lashes of your dreams, without having to skip even one minute! Wear RapidGlam™ Eyelash Enhancing Mascserum during the day, and RapidLash® Eyelash Enhancing Serum at night. Combining the proven RapidLash® serum with RapidGlam™ just means more happiness for you and your lashes.

Soft-pillowy fibers

RapidGlam™ utilizes fine cellulose fibers in RapidGlam™ that blend beautifully into the formula and adhere smoothly and seamlessly onto the lashes building instant volume. They stay on all day without flaking, poking or irritating. You won’t even feel them, but everyone else will notice your longer-looking, more defined lash appearance.

Defines lower lashes

No more are they forgotten! Apply RapidGlam™ Eyelash Enhancing Mascserum to your top AND bottom lashes for a more defined look on both sides of your eyes, helping to frame them in and draw attention to the most important feature. Let RapidGlam™ mascserum help you stand out from top to bottom.

All-day conditioning

From the first swipe of creamy, pillowy RapidGlam™ in the morning to your makeup remover at night, know that your lash appearance is being well taken care of. Never again will you go a day without your lashes receiving that much needed TLC that they so deserve. Simply swipe once, then glam and condition all day long.

Blackest black pigment

Get the most intense and glam look of any mascara before it, with RapidGlam™ Eyelash Enhancing Mascserum and it’s blackest black pigment. That “WOW!” factor applies easily and is just as simple to remove after a long day of glamor. Simply grab your favorite makeup remover and wipe away the glam and prepare for a new glamorous day tomorrow.


RapidGlam™ is always committed, unlike your flaky ex boyfriend. There is no flakiness contained in a bottle of RapidGlam™. No one wants that. Not only does RapidGlam™ help define your lash appearance instantly and condition your lashes, it applies smoothly and does not flake, no matter what life throws at you.

RapidGlam™ product

Consumers have spoken* about RapidGlam™

92% experienced amplified appearance of lash volume

91% experienced enhanced appearance of lash length

91% experienced enhanced appearance of lash definition

92% experienced enhanced overall appearance of lashes

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